Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Break from Reality: Part 1

Whilst boarding the plane this morning, my fingers were very tightly crossed behind my back, wishing for 4 days of sunshine and losing my head in the clouds. Thankfully, beach cities tend to follow their socially dictated belief of exquisite weather, and my destination proved that theory today. Although it has only been one day since I have been away from the city, I am already starting to miss the fast-paced lifestyle (although I am sure to take that back after my massage tomorrow). Here's a few photographs of my adventures so far.

~ a pair of gorgeous Antik Batik jewel sandals i picked up last season, although this is the first time I have worn them ~

~  i was sold the moment i noticed the beautifully faceted ruby coloured stones ~

~ the moon turned a stunning tangerine shade tonight ~

~ already in my lazy stage, a delicious pepperoni pizza was ordered for dinner ~


    Angela Donava

  2. nice post *

  3. Yay for sunny weather. Those shoes look amazing.

  4. I love your sandals. They're so pretty.


  5. Nice photos :)
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  6. I love the shoes:) and yes, it's so good to have a delicious pizza every once in a while:)
    nice blog!
    x Marta @ An Interesting Distraction

  7. i'd jus like to say those sandals are beautiful

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  8. Those are the prettiest sandals! Absolutely gorgeous. And I love the nail color too.

  9. loooooove your shoes!

  10. Nail color is to die for. What kind/color is it? I want to borrow the style!


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