Monday, October 10, 2011

Idle Days

~ James Perse shirt, it! jeans, Marc by Marc Jacobs scarf, Michael Kors watch, J. Crew bracelet, bespoke ring, Coach shoes ~

Today seemed to be one of those indecisive days where one must either choose between the wrath of freezing in shorts or frying in jeans thanks to the deceitful sun outside paired with the crisp air. So, in order to conquer the day ahead of me, I opted for a casual button up shirt with my accustomed cropped jeans. This season, I've been enjoying pairing up my Michael Kors watch with various wrist pieces such as this studded leather wrap wristlet. You may notice that I have mixed metals (gold watch, silver ring), and although I am no fan combining metals, today was the exception (see below). 

~ do you ever have an item that you lose, but always manages to find its way back to you? this ring is that item for my friend and I ~

~ although I am not a fan of blending metals, showcasing different textures on my wrist, I don't mind so much ~

~ my friend who had graciously taken the photographs today, who's hair resembles that of Goldilock's ~


  1. This post is perfect and so is your blog!
    I've been a fan for a while now, keep it up :)

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  2. Love the post! sweet
    Like youte blog!
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  3. Cute outfit, you have great taste! :o)


  4. Love your accessories!


  5. i'm so glad your ring found its way back to you! the same thing happens to me with my heart necklace!

  6. nice!cute photos

  7. love this outfit, james perse makes great stuff (not that I have any of it!) I looked through your other posts and your style is very much my pace. I will be back to follow some more :)

  8. Your friend's hair is amazeballs. Cute photos!

  9. I like the look of lots of bracelets and a chunky watch layered on one wrist, but it's one I've yet to try myself.

  10. super look!
    Angela Donava

  11. love the scarf! and yes, it's happened that some things find their way back to me ;-) loove it when that happens :)


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